The installation at the Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, The Netherlands is currently being reinstalled. It will reopen with a celebration in early April.

Tom’s custom Spy figures made their debut at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.
Check them out in an upcoming issue of MAD magazine.

Tom Otterness Head on display in the MoMA courtyard

Tom Otterness Mouse installed in Times Square

Tom Otterness “Mama Bear” Cookie Jar
Available January 2011 through CerealArt
(Cookie Jar at CerealArt)

Solo Exhibition
opens at Marlborough Gallery 57th St
February/March 2011

Recently Opened Public Projects:
“Play Garden Park”, Fulton, Mississippi
“Wild Life”, Connell, Washington
“Untitled”, Seoul, South Korea
Silver Tower “Playground”, 42nd St between 11th and 12th Aves, NYC